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More 2014 RuFF NADAC Trials

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Oct. 11-12: Stonehurst Riding Club, Louisville, KY

Nov. 15-16: Hodges Arena, Versailles, KY

August 8-10, 2014

LD Brown Ag Expo

Western Kentucky University

406 Elrod Road

Bowling Green, KY 4210

Central Time Zone

Early Bird Deadline: July 18

Daily fees and discount rates Rates are based on all dogs in one household – Total all your runs for all dogs and apply the rate below for entries postmarked through closing August 1st, 2014.

Runs 1-5: $14.00/run ($13 early bird discount)

Runs 6-9: $13.00/run ($12 early bird discount)

Runs 10 or More: $12.00/run ($11 early bird discount)

Junior Handler: $6 a run for all classes ($5 early bird discount)

Classes Offered

Friday: Tunnelers, Touch n Go, Regular 1, Jumpers (Friday runs will start at noon)

Saturday: Touch n Go, Regular 1 & 2, Chances, Jumpers, Tunnelers

Sunday: Weavers, Regular 1 & 2, Chances, Jumpers, Numbered Hoopers

January 17-18: LaGrange, KY

April 4-5: LaGrange, KY

May 16-17: Louisville, KY

June 20-21: Buckner, KY

August 8-9: Bowling Green, KY

October 10-11: Louisville, KY

November 14-15: Versailles, KY

*Locations subject to change

2015 Pending Trials

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